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Belgian Red Daemons
Belgian Red Daemons

Today our Belgian Red Daemons leave for Prague to represent our country at the annual European Cyber Security Challenge (ECSC 2021). They will compete against teams from 21 other European countries.  For three days they will puzzle and wrack their brains on a variety of security problems that will test their knowledge of cryptography, reverse engineering, network security and analysis of forensics.


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Belgian Red Daemons

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Belgium is once again sending a team of talented cybersecurity students to compete against 21 other teams in the European Cybersecurity Challenge. We are sure that they will represent Belgium with dignity and prove once again that our country can be proud of its promising young talent. As the national authority on cybersecurity, the CCB can only support such initiatives. It is a unique opportunity to put tomorrow's cyber experts in the spotlight and to demonstrate the quality of our programs on a European level. Go Belgian Red Daemons!



Phédra Clouner, deputy director Center for Cybersecurity Belgium

I am very happy that we can participate this year with a particularly strong team. I believe that thanks to the flexibility of our young talents and the commitment of the right specialists, we have succeeded in giving this team an extra boost. These initiatives are very important to put the IT security sector in the spotlight. By making our field attractive and well-known, we encourage students to take up studies in cyber security. And that is necessary: the right profiles in our country will protect tomorrow's technologies worldwide. We are looking forward to ECSC2021 ft. The Belgian Red Daemons!

Nik Du Bois, expert Center for Cybersecurity Belgium & Red Daemons coach

Nous sommes heureux d'avoir pu, ces deux dernières années, organiser le Cyber Cybersecurity Challenge malgré les circonstances actuelles difficiles, sous la forme d'un événement en ligne. De nombreux étudiants ont pu faire leurs preuves face à des défis périlleux, tant sur le plan technique que s’agissant du travail en équipe. Nous souhaitons bonne chance à l'équipe belge des Red Daemons et nous attelons d’ores et déjà à la préparation de la prochaine édition, prévue en mars 2022.


Sebastien Deleersnyder (Toreon) & Vincent Defrenne (NVISO)

Facts and figures ECSC 2021

  • Prague, Czech Republic, 28 September - 1 October 2021
  • 22 participating countries https://ecsc.eu/#mapcontainer
  • The 10 participants (and 2 reserve players) are the winners of CSCBE 2020 and best scoring participants of 2021
  • Team leader and technical coach: Nik Du Bois (CCB)
  • Coach - Jeroen Beckers (NVISO)
  • Team advisor - Annika Ten Velden (NVISO) and Caroline Breure (CCB)