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On 20 May 2021 the National Security Council (NSC) approved the details of the Cybersecurity 2.0 strategy. This strategy is part of Belgium's cross-cutting approach to cyber threats and opportunities for our country. It should make Belgium one of the least vulnerable countries in Europe.

The advent of an increasingly digital society and the growing use of new technologies is causing a global upsurge in cyber attacks, while, as recent events have shown, the severity and extent of these attacks has grown as well.

The constant evolution of cyberspace and its challenges have led our country to continuously invest in its infrastructure and security for a number of years. The latest example: cybersecurity is one of the key components of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan submitted by Belgium to the European Commission at the end of April.

With the approval of the National Security Council, Belgium has adopted a new and particularly ambitious cybersecurity strategy. The plan is structured around six specific objectives:

  • Strengthening the digital environment and increasing trust in the digital environment 
  • Arming users and administrators of computers and networks 
  • Protecting Operators of Vital Importance against all cyber threats
  • Responding to cyber threats 
  • Improving public, private and academic co-operation 
  • Undertaking a clear international commitment

The Cybersecurity 2.0 strategy aims to make Belgium one of the least vulnerable countries in Europe in the area of cybersecurity by 2025.

Miguel De Bruycker, Director of the Centre for Cybersecurity Belgium (CCB)

Cybersecurity is not only a priority for Belgium; it also represents a huge opportunity for our companies and SMEs, which have a lot of expertise in this field. We will continue to invest in protecting the general public and our systems from cybercriminals and we will do everything we can to develop an ecosystem that fosters cybersecurity innovation in our country.

Alexander De Croo, Prime Minister