These companies and organisations speak about their experiences with cyber incidents.


After a digital intrusion at Proximus (before Belgacom) the telecom company launched internal campaigns about cybersecurity.

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Port of Antwerp

In 2012 and 2013 drug criminals stole multiple containers in the Port of Antwerp. Information was gathered by phishing mails and keyloggers.

The port companies launched all together a taskforce about cybersecurity.

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The CERT for the institutions of the European Union, CERT-EU, explains the work of a CERT.

Manpower Belgium

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Philip Du Bois - General Manager DNS.be

“At the beginning of April 2011 our servers handled six times the normal amount of queries. This surge of activity was all down to a network of hacked computers that tried to misuse the mail servers of .be domain names. However, their efforts were in vain since we do not save mail server data about our domain names.

We noticed this suspicious traffic, notified CERT.be and they conducted an analysis on the basis of the data we had collected from the incident. Open communication and sharing information are vital. It strengthens your own expertise.

At the end of the day everyone can fall victim to a cyber attack, even supposing you are extremely well protected. Which is why I advise being proactive: get in touch beforehand with the specialists at CERT.be. It’s like the number of the fire brigade or the hospital, it’s always at hand, and that’s how it should be for the IT team.”

Imelda Ziekenhuis Bonheiden

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Als een virus het ziekenhuis platlegt... from Safeonweb.be on Vimeo.


Paul Boons - Agfa Information Security Officer

“In the proactive safety management of Agfa an exchange of information on an international scale is crucial. Firstly, because Agfa is active on an international level, and this also applies to our data network. Secondly, because cyber crime is a typical cross-border phenomenon. So, it is hardly surprising that we opted for CERT.be.

CERT.be is part of an international, professional network. While offering the dependability that we can count on in the event of a real cyber threat, it also has a preventive added value. Via their international contacts, CERT.be can supply relevant information.

CERT.be has an important role to play regarding the exchange of technical information with companies. When we recognize particular technical models, we can verify at CERT.be whether these are also known technical models among other companies. The exchange of these technical specifications, whether or not anonymously via CERT.be, can help shield company networks in an efficient manner.”