What do we do?

CERT.be is the federal cyber emergency team which, as a neutral specialist in Internet and network security, is able to assist your company or organisation with:

  • coordination in the event of cyber incidents;
  • advice about finding a solution when cyber incidents arise;
  • support to prevent these security incidents occurring.

Why contact CERT.be?




How do we operate?

What we don't do

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Why would you contact CERT.be?

To report cyber incidents and for advice in the event of a cyber security incident

If you are a Belgian company or organisation that has been the victim of malware, hacking of your website or network, DDoS attack, botnet, phishing or other cyber incident, you can contact us.

We are ready to support you free of charge, to help you with the initial firefighting and give advice so you can find a solution, all in the strictest confidence.

Don’t hesitate to report a cyber security incident. In that case, we coordinate the notification of the parties concerned in order to tackle the problem. Furthermore, each report allows us to keep track of threat trends in Belgium, totally anonymously, of course.

To prevent cyber security incidents

We want to prevent cyber security incidents or minimize their impact. That’s why we inform IT professionals at companies via www.cert.be and the general public through www.safeonweb.be. In this way, we want to make everyone aware of the importance of a safe online society.

We can set up initiatives to promote sharing of confidential information within a particular sector and with specific companies. Because other people are experiencing the same cyber security issues as you …

Close collaboration with trusted partners who share knowledge and information enables us to provide a response, in Belgium and abroad, to the growing threat online.

CERT.be tasks
  1. Collect and provide information about cyber security incidents
  2. Provide support when incidents occur
  3. Coordinate the handling of large-scale incidents
  4. Assist you in setting up CERT activities within your own organisation
  5. Share information and knowledge through publications and events
Benefits of CERT.be for your organisation
  • Neutral
  • Discretion
  • Scale: international network of cyber security experts
  • Expertise in cyber incident management
  • Free of charge

How do we operate?

It is possible that you are unaware of being attacked while we have already logged what’s going on. In the event of a serious incident, we contact you personally.
On your initiative
If you are in the event of, or believe yourself to be the victim of, a cyber security incident, you should contact CERT.be directly.
Internal consultation
Based on your report, our specialist assesses the gravity of the situation. He consults with other experts from CERT.be. We provide you with feedback.
Other experts
In the event of a serious incident, we involve our other channels. Through close collaboration as well as an exchange of information with our (inter)national network of external experts, which includes members of other CERTs, we try to resolve your problem as soon as possible. Naturally, we only share information if you give your consent.

What we don’t do

A report is not a complaint

If you would like to file a complaint immediately and do not need additional technical advice, you should contact your local police straightaway. CERT.be does not track down offenders, but helps you tackle and resolve the cyber incident itself as quickly as possible.

Whether you file a complaint with the police or not, we advise you to report the incident to CERT.be.

No security software

CERT.be offers advice about solving cyber incidents. However, we don't sell security software or other services that are available on the market.