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What is Triada

Triada is an Android Trojan that uses advanced techniques to remain undetected and is used to gather information on the infected device and deliver additional unwanted trojans. In addition, it tries to steal money by intercepting in-app purchases.

How can I identify the infected device?

Recent Android anti-virus solutions can detect the Triada malware.

How can I remove Triada?

As Triada is usually deeply rooted in the Android system the best way to remove it is by performing a factory reset. Once you have performed the factory reset make sure that you don’t automatically reload all previously installed applications, as this will most likely reload the malware as well. As such restore from a not-recent backup or manually install your applications.

How to protect yourself from Triada?

Triada is usually packed together with other applications. As such make sure that you only install applications from the official Google Play Store and not from third-party sources.

Recent Android anti-virus solutions are now able to detect the Triada modules so you can use this to verify if the malware is removed.