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How to protect your organisation against a DDoS attack

Tips for protecting small and medium-sized organisations against DDoS attacks

A Distributed Denial of Service, or DDoS, is a cyber attack that impedes the normal data traffic of a particular service. It can have a major impact on the operations of organisations and businesses, so it is very important to protect yourself against this type of attack.  

This document is intended as a guide for IT managers of small and medium-sized organisations to inform and advise them on possible protection measures against a DDoS attack. The focus here is on DDoS attacks against the network of small and medium-sized organisations, not against a specific platform, website or other online service. This document does not aim to stop DDoS attacks, but to prepare organisations and make them more resistant to such attacks.

This guide outlines steps you can take as an IT manager in a small or medium-sized organisation. The summary sheet provides an effective summary. We recommend that you print this overview, complete it and put it up in a strategic location so that you can actively use it during a DDoS attack.