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What is Flubot?

Flubot is an Android malware spreading via text messages. The text messages are usually filled with spelling mistakes stating that you have a missed call, followed with a link to an application that you can download to listen to your voicemail.

How can I identify the infected device?

Flubot is an Android malware that once installed has access to your contacts list and will start sending further infected messages on your behalf. As such the following sings may point in the direction of an infection:

  • The infected device may receive calls or texts from unknown numbers asking why you messaged them.
  • You have a new app installed called ‘Voicemail’. The icon is a blue cassette in a yellow envelope.

How can I remove Flubot?

Most anti-virus applications for Android will be able to detect and remove the malware from your device. If you need to manually remove the malware you can attempt either of the below options:

  • Turn on Google Play Protect, as this may allow you to remove the malware app
  • Activate Android's Safe Mode. This will temporarily block any 3rd party apps from running, allowing you to identify and uninstall any Flubot apps.
  • If the above steps do not resolve the issues, you'll need to perform a factory reset of your device. This should remove the malware but risks erasing all your other data (photos, messages, apps, etc). If you perform a factory reset, make sure you restore content from a not-so-recent backup to avoid the malware remaining on your device.